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the start of something new

I am proud to have founded Bridgewater Law in 2017 to support the cooperative community, small business and social entrepreneurs in Calgary, Edmonton, and throughout Alberta. At Bridgewater Law we are passionate about supporting sustainable local businesses and social enterprise in Alberta. We share the vision of thought leaders around the world that the global economy is changing and more democratic, and sustainable, economic solutions are possible and necessary.

Bridgewater Law has teamed up with the senior counsel of Hildebrand Wright, an association of independent lawyers based out of downtown Calgary, Alberta, to serve clients that share values of empowering entrepreneurs, and community.

-Elliot H. Bridgewater



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professional Services

We take pride in providing timely and expert legal advice to cooperatives, small businesses, non-profits, and charities throughout Alberta. We also support the cooperative community though educating, and developing cooperative businesses in western Canada. 

In short, we offer legal counsel in the following areas: 


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I've established a legal practice that supports business and community in a responsive, transparent, ethical, and respectful way. At Bridgewater Law we value Ethical Business Practices, Respect, Democratization and Transparency. Your Mission Matters to us and we value the entrepreneurial spirit. Working with Entrepreneurs and small businesses  is a passion of ours. 





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Hildebrand Wright

 1610 700 Fourth Ave. SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 3J4.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions about legal services. I charge a modest fee ($150) for a consultation.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide legal advice by email.